Rook’s Park in Walla Walla is a beautiful and peaceful spot for residents and visitors to spend quiet time or have family reunions. But, have you ever wondered why there is a Navy anchor in the memorial of an Army Corps of Engineers park? Do you know the story of how this park got its name? 

Join Gary Lentz, retired Washington State Park Ranger, who will explain all in his presentation, WHISPERS FROM THE GHOST - The Story of Captain Albert H. Rooks, the USS Houston, and Her Crew. The USS Houston, under command of Capt. Rooks, fought a valiant battle against overwhelming odds before being sunk in the Sunda Strait early in 1942. Survivors were sent to Japanese prison camps and forced to work in the jungles of Burma building a railroad. Two of the survivors lived in Walla Walla and vicinity after the war. You are invited to find out more about Captain Albert Rooks, the USS Houston, and why the park is named as it is, in this Museum After Hours presentation. 

As always, Museum After Hours presentations are free to the public.