Join us at Fort Walla Walla Museum for an evening of guitar music and discussion. Local musicians Dean Morrison, Myron Huie, Richard Monacelli, and Barbara Clark are bringing history to life with the help of their vintage guitars: Morrison owns a 1918 Gibson, Huie a 1919 Gibson, Monacelli a 1923 Gibson, and Clark a 1929 Martin. The quartet will talk guitars, what makes these specific models special, the evolution of “The Gibson” over the years, and the timeless and universal language of music.

Songs will be performed from the eras when the guitars were each produced, and contemporary pieces will also be explored on these, and other, beautiful vintage instruments. Musical accompaniment will be provided by Jimmye Turner on a National dobro, Glenn Morrison on bass, Nancy Monacelli on vocals and guitar, and Heather Huie on violin.

The musicians will also bring some of the more interesting American-made guitars from their collections for display, including a 1952 ES-175 Gibson, a 1955 Les Paul Special, a 1964 Gibson EB-0 bass, a 1968 Gibson SG Custom, a 1969 Gretsch Country Gentleman, a 1971 Gibson Hummingbird, a Washburn jazz guitar, and more!

Admission at the door is $7 general / $5 museum members. Light refreshments will be available.