Adam West spent the first part of his life in Walla Walla and William Kirkman the last. They were separated by decades in life but have come together in a permanent exhibit at the Kirkman House Museum. 

Johnathan Grant, who often portrays Batman at various events, has loaned most of the items on display in the Adam West Exhibit at Kirkman House Museum. He got to know West through his job at the Marcus Whitman Hotel, and grew to respect and admire the actor. He has been collecting Adam West objects and memorabilia for several years. Rick Tuttle, who often portrays William Kirkman, has been on Kirkman House Museum board of directors for 17 of the last 18 years. He was responsible for the overall concept and construction of the exhibit. Together in this After Hours presentation, Jonathan and Rick will talk about how Adam West and Batman influenced them to collaborate on an exhibit to honor one of Walla Walla’s best known sons.  

The exhibit follows Adam’s life from early childhood to more recent guest performances on shows like Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory. Because his portrayal of Batman is so iconic and loved, special emphasis is paid to this character. The exhibit places you in Bruce Wayne’s den where you will see many high-quality screen-accurate props, experience the thrill of receiving a call on the Bat Phone, and pressing a hidden button to reveal the Bat Poles. Jonathan and Rick will talk about how the exhibit has evolved and become something you won’t find anywhere else, and where it may go in the future.