Speaking from her lifetime experience as a rancher and as a geoscientist, Dr. Kirsten Nicolaysen discusses the exciting changes in public perspective regarding the climate crisis. She briefly reviews the evidence that climate change is primarily caused by human choices for energy production. She describes three nature-based technologies that could tackle reduction and removal of carbon dioxide, actions necessary to a healthy and stable future for humans. Any technological solution will require widespread public agreement to be successful. This talk suggests practical steps that each person can take to reduce their contribution to climate change. 

Kirsten Parker Nicolaysen was raised in ranching country of Wyoming before becoming a geochemist. She studies volcanoes, primarily in Alaska, and works collaboratively with paleoecologists and anthropologists. Through her teaching at Whitman College (since 2006), her training as a geoscientist, and her love of the outdoors, she shares her experience to promote healthy human community actions within a living landscape.

Presentation to begin at 4 pm, with discussion to follow.