John Potter is a retired computer programmer who has been collecting magic lantern slides for over 30 years. In this informative and entreating show he will share a variety of slides using a magic lantern, the earliest form of the slide projector, with a patent date of 1907. He will share information about the history of the magic lantern and discuss the equipment and different types of slides it can project.

The slide content will include many historic images of the Northwest, including Puyallup, Tacoma, Seattle, Walla Walla, and some images related to industry in Washington State. He will also share images of early advertising and political slides, coming attractions, and sing-alongs. Of special note are an array of mechanical slides that give the effect of movement, such as chromatropes (similar to a kaleidoscope) slip slides, and lever slides.

 Audience participation is greatly encouraged, so come by and enjoy the magic lantern show!