Meet Grace Isaacs, Walla Walla's early local leader, suffragist and all around go-getter. She organized the Women's Park Club whose campaign financed our Pioneer Park. (If you have questions about who actually designed the park, Grace can set you straight. It might not be who you think.) Wondering about the history of women's suffrage in Walla Walla? Grace will tell you about that time Susan B. Anthony visited here and was refused a place to stay the night. Grace will look back and recount the early goings on at the Women's Reading Club and the Art Club. She was a world traveler and will share some of her experiences with you. She'll have business advice for you too, since she was also an entrepreneur. Get the lowdown from Grace Isaacs, one of Walla Walla's most interesting women.

Grace Isaacs is portrayed by Susan Monahan.