Perhaps the most commonly recognized evergreen in the northwest is the Douglas fir.  Have you ever wondered where it got its name?

Wilderness botanist David Douglas was responsible for hundreds of discoveries and descriptions of our native Northwestern trees, shrubs, and plants.

Douglas came to the Pacific Northwest by ship from England in 1825. His explorations for the Royal Horticultural Society were carefully recorded in his journals. He describes his interactions with local Native Americans, encounters with animals, and the arduous and difficult acquisition of plant seeds and specimens. He also describes the landscapes before the effects of European settlement, giving insight into the world as it was here in the Northwest nearly 200 years ago. From 1825 to 1827 he traveled thousands of miles through Washington, Idaho, and Oregon by foot, horse, and canoe. Here he spent his time collecting seeds, preserving specimens, taking notes, and carefully packaging his discoveries for return to England. 

David Douglas is portrayed by Gary Lentz.