Colt Army model, six-shot, percussion revolver

Brought back by popular demand, this exhibit features hundreds of original items from weapons to table ceramics to a bone handled toothbrush. Local connections include soldiers who served at or visited Fort Walla Walla and current residents with ancestors who fought in the War.

Although the Civil War was fought a long way from Southeast Washington, it is remarkable how many links exist between our region and that significant part of American history.

Famous military leaders visited the area, including Gens. Sherman, Sheridan and Howard. Many Civil War veterans relocated to our region; their headstones frequent local cemeteries. And area museums and residents own a wide assortment of artifacts related to the war. Fort Walla Walla Museum patrons can experience images, documents and artifacts associated with the aforementioned and other local ancestors in Walla Walla and the Civil War. Due to popular demand, this exhibit has been extended to run through May 3.