Fantastic Finds: Treasures from the archives 

In celebration of the museum's 50th anniversary, the special exhibit is Fantastic Finds: Treasures from the archives. When we try to define a treasure, many of us think of gold or jewels. But treasures don’t have to be sparkly; they can be rusty or tattered, and rich with history. The stories and events of which these artifacts are a part can make them priceless.

For Fantastic Finds, museum staff delved deep within the permanent collection to identify a number of noteworthy items that have never been displayed, along with several pieces considered to be the museum's most important artifacts. These pieces each have their own unique stories to tell and serve as reminders of important places, people, and events.

Chosen items relate to the third fur trade Walla Walla, the last military Fort Walla Walla, early Walla Walla, Walla Walla’s Chinatown, and various other items with unique stories to tell. Items of note include Norman Adams' Moonwalk illustration, a military strategy manual owned by General Cornwallis, the last Territorial Governor appointment for Miles C. Moore, an upright slot machine from the Davin Hotel, and more.  

This exhibit is scheduled to be up into 2019.

Funding for this exhibit has been provided by the Wildhorse Foundation, Clara & Art Bald Trust, K.B. Wells Charitable Trust, Liz Conover, Larry and Karen Adams, Liz Conover, and Robert and Maryanne Freeman.